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Target group
Experienced cycling experts who want to apply the BYPAD method to provide towns, cities and regions with a systematic approach for improving the quality of their cycling policies.

Through this BYPAD auditor’s training, you will:
  • Get to know the BYPAD method
  • Get to know the BYPAD tools needed for the application of BYPAD in towns, cities and regions
  • Become a member of the BYPAD network of towns, cities, regions and experienced cycling experts
  • Become a certified BYPAD auditor authorised to conduct BYPAD audits

The training takes place every year in summer in Graz (in English language).
If you are interested in a BYPAD training, please contact the BYPAD secretariat.

Next BYPAD training

Date: 10. - 12. July 2019
Language: English
City: Graz
Country: Austria

For registration and information please contact:

Veronika WIRTH
(BYPAD-secretariat, FGM-AMOR - Graz / Austria)


(BYPAD-trainer, FGM-AMOR - Graz / Austria)


(BYPAD-secretariat, FGM-AMOR - Graz / Austria)

The training can only take place, if the minimum of 9 participants is reached.

More information:

Project was funded by the European Commission STEER Programme

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