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 Integrated cycling policy (city of Gent-Belgium)
BYPAD Modul: Bicycle policy on paper Gent   (Belgium)
The cycling policy plan of the city of Gent is an integral part of the overall mobility planning. It also stresses the importance of linking other policy fields to the cycling issue. Priorities described are linked with timing and financial estimations (which is automatically inserted in the mobility Budget), this makes it possible to realise the policy intentions.

Background & Objectives

The ‘Policy on paper’ module examines the existing strategy for cycling policy and the way it is programmed. What is the content of cycling policy and to what extent is it integrated into the broader framework? Other points of interest are the degree of: long term planning, (obligatory) arrangements, use of priorities and the dealing with cross-border problems.


The city has a pro-cycling policy, aiming to curb car. The introduction of a maximum speed of 30 km/h in school neighbourhoods and residential areas and a strong parking policy support this policy.
In Gent there is a policy of cycling in one-way streets and cycling in pedestrian-only streets.


The bicycle planning is an essential part of the whole mobility policy of the city. Planned actions are linked with budget and timing. There is a good communication strategy.
Involvement of more users in the policy-making is considered.


Evelyne Sauvage


Evelyne Sauvage

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Project was funded by the European Commission STEER Programme

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