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 Comprehensive strategy Olomouc
BYPAD Modul: Bicycle policy on paper Olomouc   (Czech Republic)
Olomouc made a cycling strategy, with educational, infrastructural and promotional measures.

Background & Objectives

Cycling in Olomouc and the bicycle policy is supported on the basis of the Local Bicycle Strategy of the city of Olomouc. The Strategy contains 78 concrete measures spread along three main priority axes. One of the essential documents - necessary for successful implementation of the Strategy - is the “Bicycle Master Plan of Olomouc” which is coherent with the “Land Use Plan of Olomouc” and makes its part since 1998. Implementation of the measures planned by the Strategy is regularly reported to the Olomouc City Council (6 months periods). The users complain about implementation of some measures, one of the complaints is on account of financing of cycling. As the Strategy defines increased yearly budgets for cycling, this fact is not always fulfilled by the municipality. In the frame of implementation of the Strategy, there was opened a good co-operation with the Regional Government and links with the “Bicycle Development Conception of the Olomouc Region” (approved in 2003) were established.


The Local Bicycle Strategy - cycling is progressively supported and promoted according to the Local Bicycle Strategy of the city of Olomouc. The document contains in total 78 concrete measures:
  • for the priority axe (A) Development of life-time learning - 33 measures;
  • for the priority axe (B) Development of commuter services and of bicycle infrastructure - 15 measures;
  • for the priority axe (C) Creation of products to promote the bicycle as a common mode of transport and a means for tourism development - 16 measures;
  • for the financial plan: 4 measures and for monitoring: 10 measures.
The single priority axes - „Education“, „Infrastructure“ and „Products“ are mutually linked one with another.

In the BYPAD questionnaire for cities this example fits to module 3


Dirk Ligtermoet


Dirk Ligtermoet

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