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 Environmental zones in Odense
BYPAD Modul: Bicycle infrastructure and safety Odense   (Denmark)
To increase the health and the quality of life for both residents, workers and visitors, Odense wanted to draw up a strategy for alternative environmental zone. The public road space can be used for many other things than traffic. By reducing the impact of motor vehicles the public road can be used for social interaction.


Odense regards the idea of environmental zones as a subject for a city−wide policy for improvement of the environment and enhancement of the quality of life of the citizens who have a vested interest in that these qualities apply where they live, work and shop. As a beginning, this measure will, therefore, operate with both a city centre zone and 2 different types of residential zones.

In the BYPAD questionnaire for cities this example fits to module 5 question 15


Dirk Ligtermoet


Dirk Ligtermoet


Odense 4.pdf [en]
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Project was funded by the European Commission STEER Programme

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