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 Bicycle route in Nakskov
BYPAD Modul: Bicycle infrastructure and safety Nakskov   (Denmark)
The bicycle route in Nakskov is one of six bicycle route projects in Denmark.


The Nakskov project consists of 2 bicycle routes: A route going east-west, and a route going north-south. The two routes intersect each other in the centre of town. The route is 1.3 km long and connects bicycle tracks to the surrounding residential areas. Emphasis has been placed on creating a coherent net with an aesthetic and characteristic overall impression.
Besides establishing the cycle-route itself, the Cycle-route project entails thorough rebuilding of the cities important roads. In total, six junctions on the bicycle route have been completely rebuilt. One of the junctions was rebuilt as a roundabout. In addition, the town squares were completely rebuilt, and a new design program for the cities road inventory. Light poles, benches, and pavilions were given a user friendly and functioning design.

In the BYPAD questionnaire for cities this example fits to module 5


Dirk Ligtermoet


Dirk Ligtermoet


Nakskov 2.pdf [en]
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Project was funded by the European Commission STEER Programme

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