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 Corporate design in Bolzano
BYPAD Modul: Bicycle promotion and partnerships Bolzano   (Italy)
In Bolzano/Bozen a corporate system has been developed in order to promote bike mobility in the city: a new corporate design, completion and extension of the bike lanes network, a new communication and orientation system, a new map of bike lanes, big bike events, marketing activities.


Since the start of the process, modal split has increased significantly, reaching almost 25% on annual average. A mobility research hold in winter 2005 has shown that bike mobility, in comparison with winter 2002, has increased substantially (33%).


Dirk Ligtermoet


Dirk Ligtermoet


Bolzano 1.pdf [en]
Download pdf (effected through ELTIS website)

Project was funded by the European Commission STEER Programme

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