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 Liverpool cycling policy
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The Liverpool’ cycling policy is very comprehensive and compatible with the National Cycling Policy objectives. The majority of actions in the policy plan are realised in the short term, but are reactive rather than proactive.


In recent years, through the Local Transport Plan, Liverpool City Council have doubled the number of cycle routes in the city and have provided cycle parking at popular destinations. The ERCDT report that recent routes have shown good use of a wide range of techniques and a confidence from planners to take space from other traffic rather than from pedestrians. Although provision is improving and allowing some routes to interlink, a lack of sophisticated directional signing means that the network is still disjointed in places.
The Council works with the Merseyside Cycling Campaign to encourage and improve cycling in the City ( Membership of the Cycling Campaign is wide ranging and varied which will hopefully work towards a greater cycling culture in the city. Liverpool City Council also hosts the Liverpool Cycle Forum four times each year where cycling related issues can be discussed. The forum is made up of Liverpool City Council Officers, local and national cycling organisations, local businesses and anyone interested in cycling in Liverpool. The Cycling Officer also attends meetings of the Merseyside Cycle Campaign and encourages a regular dialogue between them and the Council.


Dirk Ligtermoet


Dirk Ligtermoet

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