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 The hierarchical grid network of Delft
BYPAD Modul: Bicycle infrastructure and safety Delft   (The Netherlands)
The 1979 report Cycling in Delft included a wide range of measures designed to create a comprehensive cycleway network. Its structure was to be hierarchival, comprising city, district and neighbourhood sub-networks with distinctive functional and design features (width, materials etc).


In Delft, a grid of through routes or corridors no more than 500 metres apart is realized.
District-level routes would give access to local facilities, linking them with the city-wide network. Here the mesh size is 200-300 metres. At this level the correct location of the cycleways and the fine-mesh nature of the network are more important than carrying capacity.

In the BYPAD questionnaire for cities this example fits to module 5 question 12 (level 4)


Dirk Ligtermoet


Dirk Ligtermoet


DelftRVDF.pdf [en]
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Project was funded by the European Commission STEER Programme

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