BYPAD History

BYPAD was developed by an international consortium of bicycle experts in 1999 as part of a project of the European Union.

It was funded by the Programme “Intelligent Energy Europe”. In the two follow-up projects, “BYPAD+” (2003-2005) and “BYPAD-Platform” (2006-2008), there have been efforts to widen not only the spatial coverage but also the methodology.

After the end of EU-funding in the year 2008, the project was continued by cycling experts. The whole BYPAD idea and methodology should stay accessible to towns, cities and regions in Europe and the whole world. The BYPAD method benefits from a rich treasure of experience which will endure further on. In 2019 an update of the BYPAD tools as well as of the visual identity has been realised.

XXX acts as international BYPAD contact point and BYPAD office.

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Recent highlights in the BYPAD history after 2008: special support for Austrian countries in 2011, first audits outside of Europe in 2014, update of the questionnaire and the website relaunch in 2019
Initial developers of BYPAD:
Ursula Lehner-Lierz (Switzerland, † 2019),
Tim Asperges (Belgium),
Karl Reiter (Austria)
map of cities and regions
An overview map.
All the towns, cities and regions which already have been certified at a glance. Has your city already gotten an audit in the past?
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