BYPAD Auditors' Trainings 2020
posted on: 20.01.2021
Two unusual BYPAD Auditors' Trainings with altogether 20 participants took place in 2020.
Due to the Corona crisis, the BYPAD Auditors' training could not be conducted quite in the usual way in 2020, but nevertheless, we trained not one, but two batches of auditors last year. The first training took part in July (online) and October (in Graz for the practical part), and in December, the first ever entirely online BYPAD training took place, which was a learning curve for us 

We are happy that despite the unusual circumstances, twenty participants from Russia, Ireland, France, Belgium, and Austria completed the Auditors' Training. 

Thanks to all the participants for taking part in this unusual training in 2020!

Contact: Lina Wagner

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