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Become an Auditor

In order to become a certified BYPAD Auditor you have to participate and accomplish the BYPAD training.

Target Group

Experienced cycling experts who would like to use the BYPAD method to support towns, cities, regions and countries in achieving systematic improvements in cycling policy.


Through this BYPAD auditor´s training, you will …

  • get to know the BYPAD method
  • learn about the BYPAD tools needed to apply BYPAD in cities, regions and countries
  • become a member of the BYPAD network of international cycling experts with whom you can exchange ideas and learn from
  • become a certified BYPAD auditor authorised to conduct BYPAD audits

Annual Training of BYPAD Auditors

The BYPAD Auditors' Training takes place every year (working language English). If you would like to participate in a training, please contact our BYPAD Management.

More information can be found on this website in the Activities/Events section.

Do you have a question?
The BYPAD Management is responsible to answer all your questions. Simply contact!