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Good Practice in Europe

Which cycling policy measures have been already been tested and where? Which cycling projects have been implemented recently? What innovative ideas could be used in YOUR town, city, region or country?

On this page you will find useful references to good practice examples in Europe. This information may be useful for your own schemes or projects related to cycling. Keep up to date with the extensive opportunities for improving cycling with the links below. You will find good examples, case studies, modal split information and guidance for your cycling project.


Note: The websites are mainly available in English only.


Eltis – The Urban Mobility Observatory

Eltis provides a broad platform for the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences in the field of sustainable urban mobility in Europe. It is aimed at individuals working in transport or related disciplines.

For bicycle related case studies, you can visit this page and have a look at the topic “Walking and Cycling”. You will find a rich database that provides you with reports on current and past cycling related projects. Furthermore, Eltis provides picture and video resources that can be used for non-commer cial purposes – with loads of bicycles. We recommend you to have a closer look!

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