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BYPAD is a flexible tool to boost cycling promotion activities in municipalities, cities, regions or for the whole country.

BYPAD has already been implemented in nearly 250 cities, towns and regions in 27 countries and with 12 countries. Auditors are trained and certified to support towns, cities and regions to implement BYPAD. For application at national level, the BYPAD methodology was modified and practiced in the countries of the Danube region (Danube Cycle Plans project).

After the implementation of the audit all cities and regions receive from their national auditor the official BYPAD certificate together with a bicycle Action Plan.

As a BYPAD member, you are able to view short presentations, materials and results provided by other BYPAD cities and regions in your own member’s area. Find out more here!  

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Get to know our certified BYPAD Auditors all over the world!
Our certified auditors introduce themselves. Find out which persons are available in your region and get in touch with them.
Would you like to help towns, cities, regions or countries to improve their cycling policy?
Become part of the BYPAD network and apply for the next BYPAD auditor training. There you will learn how the BYPAD method is implemented and how cycling policies can be improved in towns, cities, regions and at country level.
Learn from others
Find some European good practice examples to get a hint of what is possible regarding cycling policies