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BYPAD - The most efficient way for improving local, regional and national cycling policy.

The Bicycle Policy Audit was developed by an international consortium of bicycle experts. It is based on international Best Practice methods and provides an overview of the applied measures and structures in local cycling policy.
We have individual solutions for municipalities, cities and regions as well as for countries. This takes into account the different structures when assessing the quality of any cycling promotion activities. The BYPAD method has been used since 1998 and has already proven itself in more than 250 municipalities, cities and regions as well as 12 countries!
With BYPAD an Action Plan is created that contains proposals for improving the quality of cycling activities. This is based on the standardized assessment of the current situation. Find out about all the benefits of BYPAD for your town, city, region or country!

„The diagnosis and the action plan are the product of genuinely collaborative effort. It proves there is a consensus as far as both the goals and the means of cycling policy are concerned. I am convinced that the action plan laid out has a really strong mandate and will be successfully implemented.“